# 2019 Calendar

If you wonder about 2019 holidays, below you have a detailed list!

The days marked in red (also called red days), are days off. Others are acknowledged, but not as days off.

Date Day of the Week Holiday Name Notes
1 Jan. Tuesday New Year's Day Public Holiday
4- 6 Feb. Monday- Wednesday Seollal (Lunar new year) Public Holiday
1 Mar. Friday Independence Movement Day National Holiday
5 Apr. Friday Arbor Day Observance
1 May Wednesday Labor Day Observance
5-6 May Sunday- Monday Children's Day Observance
8 May Wednesday Parents' Day Observance
12 May Sunday Buddha's Birthday Public Holiday
15 May Wednesday Teacher's Day Observance
6 Jun. Thursday Memorial Day Public Holiday
17 Jul. Wednesday Constitution Day Observance
15 Aug. Thursday Liberation Day National Holiday
12-14 Sep. Thursday- Saturday Chuseok Public Holiday
1 Oct. Tuesday Armed Forces Day Observance
3 Oct. Thursday National Foundation Day National Holiday
9 Oct. Wednesday Hangeul Proclamation Day National Holiday
24-25 Dec. Tuesday- Wednesday Christmas Public Holiday
31 Dec. Tuesday New Year's Eve Observance
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